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Like I mentioned in my post about J-Soul Brothers, I tend to know more Japanese solo singers and more Korean groups, lol. So I thought today I'd feature two videos, one by Japanese girlband FAKY and another by Korean American solo singer and rapper Jay Park.

First up is Girl Digger by FAKY. They are a 5 member dance and vocal group, known as the Alternative girlband. They were created to represent Tokyo. The current members are Anna, Lil' Fang, Mikako and Akina. FAKY debuted in 2013 with members Anna, Lil' Fang, Tina and Diane but Diane and Tina left and were replaced by Akina. The name FAKY comes from the word Fake but the first two letters are from the word "Fantastic" and the last two from "Tokyo".  FAKY also stands for "Five Ass Kicking Youngsters".

FAKY are an international group who are billingual since leader Anna is Japanese but was born in New Zealand and also lived in Hong Kong in the Philippines before moving to Japan and Akina (who is half Japanese and half American) has lived in both California and Japan. Lil' Fang is from Tokyo and Mikako is from Fukoka. Both girls are currently learning English. Former members Diane and Tina added to the international flavour as well, with Diane being half American and half Japanese and from Okinawa and Tina born in the USA before moving to Japan.

FAKY are signed to avex, the same record label that big solo stars Koda Kumi and Namie Amuro belong to. (Namie is now on the sub-label Dimension Point and Kumi is on rhythm zone). They debuted in 2013 with their single Better Without You and went on to release the mini album The One in summer 2014 (digital only). However they took a break around the time of the mini album release before returning with new member Akina in September. Their latest songs are Afterglow/You/Candy.

Girl Digger is FAKY'S 3rd digital single which was released over YouTube in November 2013.

For more on FAKY visit these links:

Official site (Japanese/English language):

Official FB (Japanese/English):

And here is Jay Park's Solo single featuring Hoody. Jay is from Seattle in America and is a member of the b-boy (break dancing) crew (like a group basically, I think) Art of Movement. He was also a member of the Korean boyband 2PM but left in 2010. He went solo in that year, uploading a YouTube cover on the song Nothin' On You by American rapper B.O.B. in March and  releasing his debut EP Count On Me in July. It contains 2 Korean songs and one in English. In April 2011 he released his first mini album (which I think in this case is different to an EP) Take a Deeper Look. The lead single was Abandoned featuring Korean rapper Dok2. His debut studio album came out in February 2012.

 Jay has also released 2 other EPs, New Breed Part 1 and I Like 2 Party; 3 albums, New Breed, Evolution (2014) and his latest World Wide  (all Korean language) and the mixtape Fresh A!r: Breathe !t (English). His other singles include Count On Me (Nothin' On You), Bestie, Joah, I Like 2 Party and My Last.

In addition to singing, rapping and dancing, Jay acts and models. He is the founder and co-CEO (along with Simon D) of South Korean record label AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group).

Solo is Jay's latest single which came out this month. It's about Jay recently becoming single and hoping that a girl he likes is single too. (Yay for English subtitles! lol).

For more on Jay check out these links:

Official site:

Please note: Both Mozille Firefox and Google warned me that this site may harm my computer! I don't know if it's been hacked or something?

Offical FB (Korean and English):



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