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Teen Mom 2 Is Back

Teen Mom 2 has returned! The 8th series/season starts in the UK next week. (It's already started in America). Since the 2nd series of Teen Mom UK started recently, fans get a double fix of teen mums!

Things have changed quite a bit for the mothers Chelsea Houska (now DeBoer), Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans since I first did a post on the show back in 2011! So I'm going to write an update and also provide links to the girls' sites and online profiles (I never did in the first post). You can read my original Teen Mom 2 post here:

The biggest change of all is that there's now a new mum! Brianna DeJesus who featured in S4 of 16 and Pregnant (the original series which all the mums appeared on) and also starred in the short lived Teen Mom 3, has joined the cast. More on her below. :)

Leah Messer

Leah, now 25, had an on/off relationship with Coey Simms, the father of her twins Aliannah Hope (known as Ali) and Aleah Grace (often called Gracie). She and Corey married in October 2010 but divorced when Leah cheated on Corey. Ali was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy (the type she has is known as Titin muscular dystrophy) so needs regular medical treatment. Her development has been slower than Aleah's and she sometimes uses a wheelchair but she seems to be doing well at the moment. :)

In summer 2011 Leah got together with Jeremy Calvert. They became engaged and Leah got pregnant but sadly had a miscarriage. She and Jeremy married in April 2012 and went to on to have daughter Adalynn (Addie) in February 2013.

Jeremy's job as a pipeline engineer which meant he often had to spend time away from his family, put a strain on his and Leah's marriage. They separated in 2014 and finalised their divorce in June 2015.

Leah developed anxiety and took medication but it made her very drowsy. There were rumours that she had a drug problem and Corey (who had got married again to Miranda Patterson and has daughter Remington aka Remi, with her) confronted her about them. Leah's parenting was also called into question because the twins were often late to school and reportedly lost custody of the girls. (Corey had primary custody). She denied she had a drug problem but chose to go to rehab for her anxiety, depression and stress issues.

Since then Leah is doing a lot better. She shares custody of Ali and Aleeah, 7, with Corey and I think she has primary custody of Addie, 4 and Jeremy has visitation rights.

For more on Leah visit these links:

Official Fanpage:



Chelsea DeBoer (formerly Houska)

 Chelsea, who is now 25 (26 at the end of the month), had a turbulent relationship with Adam, the father of her daughter Aubree, who will be 8 next month. The couple were on and off and Chelsea said on one episode that she wanted her happy ending. Her dad Randy told her she would get it one day. Chelsea and Adam had a custody battle over Aubree as Chelsea felt her ex wasn't in a place to properly take care of her, due to drinking offences and drink and drug problems. Adam also has a daughter with his ex Taylor Halbur; Paisley, nearly 4.

In 2014 Chelsea felt ready to move on from Adam when she began dating Cole DeBoer. He moved in with her and they got engaged in November 2015. In 2016 Chelsea announced she was pregnant. She and Cole got married last October and son Watson (middle name Cole) was born this January.

Here are Chelsea's links:

Official site (not been updated for a while):




Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn, 25, had a strained relationship with Jo Rivera, the father of her son Isaac. When S1 of Teen Mom started they'd broken-up but she was still living in his family's basement, and had started seeing a new boy called Jordan. She later moved out and carried on seeing Jordan for a while but was torn between him and Jo at one point.

In 2011 she got together with Javi Marroquin. They got married in September 2012 before Javi was posted away with the American Air Force. The couple had a second bigger wedding a year later while Kailyn was pregnant with their first child together. She gave birth to son Lincoln in November 2013.

Javi being away with the Air Force put a strain on his and Kailyn's marriage and they also sadly lost a baby. In 2016 they decided to get divorced. This February Kailyn surprised fans by announcing she was pregnant again. The new baby was born last weekend, on 5th August. It's a boy, he doesn't have a name yet but Kail has nicknamed him Baby Lo! You can read about his birth here:

The new baby's dad is Chris Lopez. I don't think they're currently together. After probmems in the past, Kailyn seems to have a better relationship with Jo now and he regularly sees Isaac. He is engaged to Vee Torres and they have a daughter Vivi, 1.

In addition to appearing on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn has written two books, Pride Over Pity and Hustle and Heart. In April she graduated with her bachelor's degree. (I believe she was studying media or communications).

I look forward to seeing more of Kailyn, Isaac, who's now 7, Lincoln, 3 and the new baby on the show. I think Isaac is my favourite of the TM 2 kids; he just seems so sweet. :)

For more on Kail check out these links:

Official website:



Jenelle Evans

Jenelle, 25, has had a lot of drama during Teen Mom 2. She gave up custody of her son Jace to mum Barbara because she felt unable to cope with raising a baby at a young age. (Jace's dad Andrew hasn't been around much). Her relationship with boyfriend Kieffer Delp and drug addiction feaured heavily in the show. Kieffer was also a drug user and was a bad influence on Jenelle, her drug use got worse and she was arrested for breaking and entering and drug possession. She eventually went to rehab and also broke-up for good with Kieffer.

Jenelle had a short lived marriage to Courtland Rogers, who she claimed abused her. She went on to get together with Nathan Griffiths and they had a son Kaiser (nicknamed Kai) in June 2014. Nathan also has daughter Emery. While with Nathan, Jenelle felt her life was stable enough to have full custody of Jace again but Barbara didn't believe that was best thing for him. Their custody battle is still going on.

In September 2015 Jenelle started dating David Eason, who has a daughter called Maryssa and a son Kaden from previous relationships. They had a baby together, daughter Ensley who was born in January. As of August 2017 Jace, now 8, is still living with his grandma Barbara. Jenelle lives with David, Kaiser, 3 and Ensley. I think David's daughter Maryssa is living with them full time now. Jenelle and David are engaged and the wedding will be on 23rd September.

Jenelle brought out a book in January called Read Betweeb the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom.

For more on Jenelle visit her site and online profiles:

Official site:

FB fanpage:


Briana DeJesus

Briana's story on 16 and Pregnant stood out because both she and her sister Brittany got pregnant around the same time but Brittany chose to have an abortion. Briana chose to keep her baby and Brittany understandably found that hard to deal with. Briana's daughter Nova was born in September 2011.  Briana was chosen to star in Teen Mom 3, another spin-off show from 16 and Pregnant, along with Mackenzie Douthit (now McKee), Alex Sekella and Katie Yeager. TM 3 wasn't as successful as the earlier two and only lasted one series/season.

Nova's dad Devoin (pronounced "Dev-on") Austin didn't seem to be very supportive.  Neither Brittany nor Briana's mum Roxanne were fans of him.

I hadn't heard much about Briana since TM 3 ended, except that she had plastic surgery with Dr. Miami. At the beginning of the year I read online that she was pregnant again and then MTV said that she would be joining the TM 2 cast. The father of hew new baby Stella (who was born in July) is Luis Miguel. He cheated on Briana while she was pregnant and their relationship appears to be in a bad place now.

Nova was my favourite of the Teen Mom 3 babies. She's nearly 6 now and Briana is 23. I'm interested to follow their story and see the new baby Stella in TM 2. We got to see an update on Briana in The New Mom show which was on a couple of weeks ago in the UK. Here's a video with a clip from that:

Follow Briana at the places below:




Here's a trailer for the new series (American trailer):

Teen Mom 2 returns in the UK on Wednesday 16th August on MTV at 7pm (before Teen Mom UK).

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Are you a Teen Mom 2 fan? Who's your favourite mum and child/ren? :)


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