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Jennifer Lopez- Dame Lyrics and Translation

In February I did a post with the lyrics for Nelly Furtado's song Te Busque. It has some Spanish lyrics and I had a go at translating them. I enjoyed that, so I decided to have a go with one my favourite singers Jennifer Lopez's songs. It's called Dame (Touch Me) and is a duet with Puerto Rican-American singer Chayanne. It appeared on her 2nd album J.Lo (2001).

I used Google Translate, a couple of other online translation sites and my old Spanish dictionary for help! I had a bit of trouble with the title, "Dame" comes out as "give to me" on Google Translate but since the song is also called "Touch Me" I'm going to presume that's what they're singing. I got the lyrics from They're in  the CD booklet too but I also found a lyrics video on YouTube where some of them have an extra bit added or slightly different to what's written in the booklet. It does sound like what they're actually singing in the song, so I used an extra line.

Some of the lines probably aren't the most accurate translation, so if anyone is a native or fluent Spanish speaker and has a better/more exact translation then let me know! :)

Dame (Touch Me)

Verse 1

Baby, me atrapas*
Baby, you've trapped me

Me enloqueces
You drive me crazy
Con tu cuerpo me tienes
With your body you got me
Justo en el punto que quieres
Just at the point you want
Donde el alma se pierde
Where the soul is lost

Baby, dime lo que piensas
Baby, tell me what you think
Me estoy dando cuenta
I am realising
Eso que estás provoacando
You are provoking
Yo sé muy bien lo que estás pensando
I know very well what you're thinking

Ahora sabes lo que yo estoy sintiendo
Now you know what I'm feeling
Me vuelvo loco con tu cruel movimento
I go crazy with your cruel motion
Cómo quisiera con mis labios tocarte
How I wish to touch you with my lips
Acariciarte, seducirite y amarte
Caress, seduce and love you
Oh baby, please


Dame, dame, dame
Touch me, touch me, touch me
(Quiero sentir)
(I want to feel)
Dame, dame, dame
Touch me, touch me, touch me
(Todo de ti)
(All of you)
Quiero, quiero, quiero
I want, I want, I want
Perderme en tu pasión y tu deseo
To get lost in your passion and your desire


Verse 2

Me llames
Call me
Me dices que me quiere
You tell me you want me
Y que me das la vida solo por tenerme
And you'd give your life only to have me

Te pido un poco mas de tu tiempo
I ask for a little more of your time
No mes ve que estoy muriendo?
Can't you see I'm dying?
Tan solo por un beso
Only/just for a kiss
Es urgente tenerte en mis brazos
It's urgent to have you in my arms
Sin ti me voy hundiendo despacio
Without you I'm slowly sinking

Ahora sabes lo que yo estoy sintiendo
Now you know what I'm feeling
Me vuelvo loco con tu cruel movimento
I go crazy with your cruel movement
Cómo quisiera con mis labios tocarte
How I wish to touch you with my lips
Acariciarte, seducirite y amarte
Caress, seduce and love you
Oh baby, please

Chorus x4


Que mas de sino es para siempre
Who cares if it's not forever?
Lo que sientes (Lo que sientes)
What you feel
Solo se que solo al mirate quiero tenerte, amarte asi**
I only want to look at you, love you so
Pideme aguello que quieras cuando quieras (Cuando quieras)
Ask me what you want when you want
Si no es amor basta con tu pasion
If not love your passion is enough

Touch me
Todo de ti
All of you
I want
Oh baby, please

Chorus x3 

*I wasn't sure if this would best translate as "You've trapped me" or "You've caught me" but I chose "trapped" for now.

**Not sure about this line.


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