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Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Leih Beydary Keda by Egyptian singer Ruby aka Roubi. Her real name is Rania Hussein Muhammad Tawfiq and she's also an actress and model. She started out modelling and went on to appear in a music video and TV adverts before getting into films. Her career really took off after the release of her debut single Enta Aref Leih/Inta Aref Leh (Do you Know Why?)* in July 2003 which caused controversy due to the video, which she belly danced in and wore a skimpy costume. (This caused problems since Egypt is a conservative Muslim country).

In 2004 Ruby released her debut albulm Eba'a Abelni/Abely and the same year brought out her second single Leih Beydary Keda. She has released two more albums, Meshit Wara Ehsasy (2007) and Inta Jubnya Keda (2009) and two more singles, El Gharaam (Koll Amma A'ollo Ah) from the film Saba' Wara'aat Kotcheena (7 Playing Cards) which she starred in and Yal Ramoush (which according to Wikipedia translates as Wonderful Eyelashes). Her videos and films have given her a controversial reputation. Most of her videos have been directed by Sherif Sabri, who also directed Saba' Wara'aat Kotcheena and is her manager. Sherif has directed Amr Diab videos too.

Ruby doesn't apear to be singing currently but she is still acting. Her last two projects listed on IMDB are Egyptian TV series Segn El Nessa (Women's Prison) which started in 2014 and 2015 Egyptian film Yom Maloosh Lazmah.

I first heard about Ruby through belly dancing because my old dance troupe did a dance to her song Koll Amma A'ollo Ah. I have her album and Leih Beydary Keda is one of my favourite songs on it. It translates as "Why Is He Hiding His Feelings Like This?". You can see the English translation here:

For more on Ruby check out these links:

Official FB:

*The spelling of Arabic words varies depending on the transliteration.


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