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Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Edge of Steel by Leaves' Eyes. They have a new singer called Elina Siirala who is from Finland. (The rest of the band are German). She has replaced lead singer and band founder Liv Kristine. I was shocked when I watched a clip of the video just now because I thought, "That doesn't look like Liv Kristine!" It was only a clip, so I kept rewinding the video, lol.

The band announced that Liv had left in April but it happened in January. She claimed she was dismissed but the rest of the band said it was a mutual decision. It must be a difficult situation because Liv and backing  vocalist Alexander Krull were married and have a son together. I thought they were still together but on Alexander's Wikipedia page it says he "was" married to Liv. I also wonder which direction the band waill go in now, since Liv Kristine wrote the lyrics and they were based on her Norwegian culture and heritage. She was in Leaves' Eyes for 13 years. It reminds me of the situtation with Nightwish when Tarja Turunen left/was sacked.

New singer Elina is also in the melodic metal band EnkeliNation (now Angel Nation). She made her debut with Leaves' Eyes on 18th April at a festival in Indonesia.

Edge of Steel is on the King of Kings tour edition DVD and 2 CD book which will be released on 3rd June. The video and concept are related to the Viking games and Euro 2016 football championship. King of Kings is the band's last album with Liv Kristine but I'm not sure if Elina's vocals are on the CD. This is the full video.

There's also a version of Edge of Steel featuring Simone Simons from the symphonic metal band Epica. Check it out here:

If you'd like to keep up with Liv Kristine, visit her website:


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