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Girls vs Boys- K-pop

I'm having a Korean theme this week, so here is a Girls vs Boys post featuring K-pop group U-KISS and K-pop/C-pop group miss A. These groups also sing in Japanese and Chinese but these are Korean songs. :)

U-KISS are a boyband who currently have 7 members- Soohun (full name Shin Soohyun), Kiseop (Lee Kisop), AJ (real Kim Jaeop), Eli, (Kim Kyoungjae),  Hoon (Yeo Hoonmin), Jun (Lee Junyoung) and Kevin (Woo Sunghyun).* Their name stands for Ubqutious Korean International Superstar. Former members are Kibum, Alexander Lee Eusebio and Dongho.

U-KISS was formed in 2008. The boys speak 4  languages between them, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese) and English and former members were also multilingual- Dongho speaks Korean and Mandarin, Kibum knows Korean and Japanese and Alexander can speak an impressive 7 languages, including Korean, English, 2 Chinese dialects and Spanish! They sing in both Korean and Japanese and debuted in Korea in 2008 with their first mini album New Generation and in Japan in 2011 with the single Tick Tick. Man Man Ha Ni is one of their most well known singles. To date the group have released 3 Korean studio albums- Only One (2010), NEVERLAND (2011) and COLLAGE (2013) and 4 Japanese- A Shared Dream (2012), Inside of Me (2013), Memories (2014) and Action (2015). They have also brought out 7 Korean mini albums, which include New Generation, Bring It Back 2 Old School (2009), ContiUKiss (2009) and 4 Japanese EPs, including Neverland (2013) and Stop Girl (2013). Some of U-KISS' singles are their debut Not Young, Bingeul Binguel, Neverland (Korean) and, Alone, Love On You and Sweetie (Japanese). Their 10th mini album Always is set for release this year.

Jun is the newest member of the group, joining in May last year while AJ was on hiatus studying in New York. There is also a sub-unit called uBEAT which is made up of Eli, AJ and Kevin.

This is Bingeul Bingeul  (Round and Round) which is from Only One.

For more on U-KISS visit these links:

Official Korean site (record company, I think):

Official Japanese site:

miss A are a Korean/Chinese girl group. They started out with 5 members and the group evolved until it became the current 4 member line-up which consists of Suzy (full name Bae Sue-ji or Bae Suzy), Fei, (Wang Feifei), Jia (Meng Jia) and Min (Lee Min-Young). Fei and Jia are Chinese and Suzy and Min are Korean.  miss A is short for Miss Asia.*

The girls debuted in South Korea in July 2010 with the single Bad Girl Good Girl and the EP BAD BUT GOOD. A year later they released their first full length studio album A Class. They debuted in China in September when they released a special edition of A Class which featured Chinese language versions of 4 songs.

miss A have released 2 studio albums- A Class and Hush (2013), 3 EPs- Touch (2012), Independent Women Part III (2012) and the latest, Colors which came out in March. They also released the single albums BAD BUT GOOD (2010) and Step Up (2010) and their 8 singles include Bad Girl Good Girl, Love Alone, I Don't Need A Man, Hush and Only You. Both Bad Girl Good Girl and Only You were No 1 on the Korean singles chart. The group also had their own online reality series called Real Miss A.

This is Bad Girl Good Girl which is from BAD BUT GOOD

For more on miss A visit their website:

 Who is your fave? :)

*Korean and Chinese names are written with the surname first.


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