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1000 Songs- 419-469

The next instalment. :)

419. Charli XCX- Boom Clap (from The Fault In Our Stars)

Tinashe- Black Water mixtape (minus the interludes)

420. Black Water
421. Vulnerable feat. Travi$ Scott
422. Secret Weapon
423. Midnight Sun
424. 1 for Me
425. Fugitive
426. Stunt
427. Just A Taste
428. Middle of Nowhere
429. Ain't Ready

Songs from Divergent

430.  Woodkid- Run Boy Run
431. Tris & Four - Hanging On

432. Jess Glynne- Right Here


433. Koda Kumi- Hotel

434. Kove feat. Melissa Steel- Way We Are


435. Its Entertainment- Johnny Johnny
436. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania- Saturday Saturday
437. It's Entertainment- Tera Naam Doom

Mila J

438. Movin' On
439. Complete
440. Blinded
441. Drowning

442. The Saturdays- What Are You Waiting For?

Songs from Mila J's mixtape (not including the ones I've already heard)

443. Can You Hear It
444. Split Personality
445. Hustled
446. Better
447. Make Believe
448. Go Public
449. U Remind Me
450. All Night
451. Hold Up (Wait A Minute)
452. My Type of Party (Remix) (with Dom Kennedy)
453. All I Want Is You
454. Are You Happy

You can download Mila's free mixtape at:

455.The Weeknd- Love Through Her
456.  Wiz Khalifa feat. The Weeknd- Remember You
457. Drake feat. Jhene Aiko- From Time

Lacuna Coil- Broken Crown Halo

Nothing Stands In Our Way*
458. Zombies
459. Hostage To The Light
460. Victims
461. Die and Rise
462. I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)
463. Cybersleep
464. Infection
465. I Burn In You
466. In The End I Feel Alive
467. One Cold Day

Listen to Browken Crown Halo on Spotify (you have to sign-up/sign-in first):

 *I think I listened to this before (I'm not entirely sure but I know I listened to one song from the album because only one was available on Spotify at the time), so I haven't numbered it)

468. Jhene Aiko- The Pressure
469. Everything Must Go

You can listen to everything must go on Jhene's Soundcloud page (follow the link for The Pressure)

That's it for today! :)


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