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Weekly Music Video

This week's video No Letting Go by Wayne Wonder. His real name is Von Wayne Charles and he's a singer and rapper from Jamaica.

Wayne started making music in the 80s and later formed a band called Alias. He started out as a dancehall and reggae singer but in later years has moved towards rap and on Wikipedia he's described as a reggae fusion artist. He launched his own record label Singso in 2000.

Wayne's most popular song is No Letting Go, which was released in 2003 and was very successful around the world, it got to No 3 in the UK. No Letting Go was from the album No Holding Back, released the same year. He also had another single in the UK called Bounce Along (2003) but I don't think he's brought anything out over here in a while. (I think I did see him on a Caribbean programme- shown on one of the African channels like BEN- a while ago though). His latest album is My Way (2012).

I'm not that keen on reggae but I do like some and I used to really like this song (still do). Bounce Along was good too.

Note: I read on Wikipedia that Wayne wrote the controversial song Boom Boom Bye (thought to be an anti-gay song) for Buju Banton. Buju is a notorious homophobic. I absolutely don't support homophobia or songs promoting hatred. I didn't know Wayne was involved with Buju Banton (I knew hardly anything about him). Wikipedia isn't always the most reliable source but according to Wayne's official site he has written songs for Buju Banton (although they don't mention that one specifically). I was unsure whether to still post the video but decided to because this blog is about the music (mainly) and also that song was written a long time ago. I think Buju is still very much anti gay (I don't plan to ever feature him on here) but Wayne may well have changed his views. I hope people enjoy the song anyway. :)

Visit Wayne's official site here:


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