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Weekly Music Video

This is Let Me Give You My Love by Japanese American singer Utada Hikaru. It's from her English album Exodus and is one of my absolute favourite Utada songs! I've included the lyrics as well. :) Utada has done a couple of songs for the video game series Kingdom Hearts (although not this one) and this is a fan made video with the song put to scenes from Kingdom Hearts.

Update 13/8/16: The original video is gone so I've had to replace it. This one isn't related to Kingdom Hearts. :)

Let Me Give You My Love

Verse 1

What a day
Young boy next door passed away
Ooh it makes me wanna say
Hey, I don't wanna waste another day
Can you and I start mixing gene pools?
Eastern Western people..get naughty

Bridge 1

I was sorta like soul searching
But your body's so jaw dropping
Our chemistry's groundbreaking
Don't keep me waiting


Hurry up baby, hurry up baby
Let me give you my love
Hurry up, let's turn this room into a melting pot
Giddy up baby, giddy up baby
Let me give you my love
Buckle up boy, I know
You're gonna like what I got

Verse 2

Maybe it's not worth the wait
Maybe I should walk away
Hey, I don't wanna waste my energy
Can you and I stop acting like fools
Or move on to other people?
It's funny but I'd like to settle

Bridge 2

I was sorta like soul searching
But your body's so jaw dropping
Some say it's rule breaking
But times are changing


Let me know if what I'm feeling
Isn't mutual
All I know is that I'm feeling
Very very hot hot hot

Chorus x2


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