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Fright Night remake review

I went to see the new Fright Night two Mondays ago. I knew that it would never live up to the old one for me but I thought it was worth seeing. And it was quite good, I enjoyed it. I saw it in 3D (the first time I'd seen a 3D film), which was strange, every time there was glass shattering or a spark from a fire I kept thinking it was going to get in my eyes! lol.

In this story, Charley Brewster (played by Anton Yelchin) has recently become popular and started dating one of the hottest girls in the school, Amy (Imogen Poots). He can't quite believe his luck. He has a new group of friends and has left his old ones behind. However, one of his old friends "Evil" Ed Thompson (Christopher Mintz- Plasse) resents (quite rightly!) being ditched and when he needs Charley's help, he uses their role playing past to blackmail him. Kids have been disappearing from their high school and noone seems particulary bothered apart from Ed and his friend Ben, who has now also vanished. Ed asks Charley to go with him to Ben's house and try to find out what happened to him.

Meanwhile, a new neighbour has moved in next door to Charley, the handsome Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell). Charley's mum Jane (Toni Collette) is very interested in him! But Ed tells Charely that he suspects Jerry is a vampire, who has been killing the kids, including Ben. At first Charley thinks the idea is ridiculous but when Ed is the next to disappear, he starts to think he may be right. Charley takes over from where Ed's investigations left off and discovers that Jerry is indeed a vampire. Realising that he, his mum and Amy are in danger, he enlists the help of Peter Vincent, a Las Vegas stage magician with an interest in vampires.

This film seems creepier than the original. Colin Farrell's Jerry is more menancing than Chris Sarandon's, who was charming as well as being scary. There are comedy moments though, especially with Peter Vincent, who seems to be modelled on Russell Brand! There's a bit of a back story to Jerry,  about where he comes from. Other differences are : They got rid of Billy Cole, Jerry's assistant/companion (I think it would have been interesting to keep him in but maybe it wouldn't have fitted in this film), Ed is the one who suspects Jerry's a vampire first of all, not Charley, Charley's mum is more directly involved in events and Peter Vincent is completely different! But altogether, I think it's a good, entertaining film and it's better if you view it for itself really (although it's hard not to compare it to the original!). It's worth going to see.

P.S. Spot the original Fright Night character, who has a cameo!

Here's the official trailer:


I posted other trailers before which were taken off due to copyright reasons. This one's still on here for now though.

Update 8/4/17: I had to post the trailer again because the other one was removed, so it may be slightly different to the original one.


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